11 Years’ Wait.

A few minutes before the match between England and Brazil started at Wembley last night,  I was telling my mother about the stadium’s history(the bit I learned from my father). My mother said, “you got these(referring to my love for sports) genes from your father”. This made me nostalgic. I started watching football in 2001. And I don’t know how England became my favourite international football team(my father’s favourite team is Brazil *ahem*). A year after I started watching football, FIFA worldcup 2002 started. I was 11 years old then(just a kid, right?), so the kid really hoped England would win the worldcup. But in the quarter final those hopes were crushed by Brazil’s 2 goals(Brazil won the QF 2-1). The defeat at the hands of Brazil developed this intense desire in the heart of the kid that may England defeat Brazil(in any international match) soon and may she get to see England as worldcup winners in her life time. As I grew up that desire didn’t go away. I hadn’t realized it’s intensity until last night when the two teams faced each other once again in my life time.
At one hand I was so scared last night that what if my wish doesn’t come true today either? And on the other hand I was praying with all my heart. While praying, I counted the years from 2002’s worldcup and I thought, 11 years it has been. Will the wait be over tonight? And my prayers were answered, the wait was over. England 2 Brazil 1(yes, you may read this in English commentators’ voice). I can try to explain here how I felt about it but you won’t understand unless you have waited 11 years for something. 🙂 Alhumdulilah!
And I know some people are saying “it was just a friendly”, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have considered it a friendly had the results been in Brazil’s favour. An England vs Brazil friendly is like a Pakistan vs India warm-up cricket match( you got the idea). 😉

P.S. We all hoped for and believed in miracles when we were kids but some of us gave up on them while growing up. I say faith is the key. Have faith, miracles do happen.

Still trying to figure out.
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  1. Ali says:

    Awesome ending! Loved the last para!

  2. navinahmed says:

    I loved how this was essentially a reflection! Good job, keep writing 🙂

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