From Her Room

It’s a rare rainy day, the sky trying to mirror her heart, bursting and the clouds rivaling the often state of her brownish soggy eyes. A myna taking shelter on her window and sound of horns disrupting the train of her thoughts as she fails to catch any rhythm. She sighs and fogs up the window glass to draw an initial with her ring finger. An empty piece of paper, lying on her bed, screaming for immortality but she, doesn’t want to pour him down on a piece of paper. Eventually, she picks the pen up to let the nib kiss the dry lips of the paper.

“Fancy not O heart! the orkuts around my neck
Dream not of owning two hearts, for;
Pretty Garlands are oft, noose to wreck
For sailor of two boats, doesn’t see the shore”

The paper quenched its thirst from her wet words and she felt like her throat borrowed its drought. Tip, tip, tip, the raindrops falling on the window sill reminded her of the tears she shed on the departure night. The chirp of myna was reminding her of the hiccups she had while crying. She looks at the wall and a pinned note laughs at her, reading, “Today is another day”. She stares at it while the next song in her playlist starts playing, “Don’t let it break your heart”, by Coldplay.

“Love, my darl! indeed is a boggy land
Prudent feet too could lead to a fall
Muddy forehead isn’t a pretty brand
Run! Run far away from love’s maul”

Her somewhat wrinkled hand creased the front of a diary and a sad smile rushed through her eyes as she left the diary back on the table. The clouds aren’t crying anymore and the myna too is long gone. It’s again the solitude and the songs in the walls of the room to entertain her. She leans back on the chair, closes her eyes and tries to sleep while developing the last stanza of her poem.

“One love story ago, one juvenile soul
Highest in the skies, she was flying
……Love.,.,.,.,.., medicine.,…, pain.
……..Diary,..,..,. myna….,.., rain”


Credit for the featured image goes to Talbia. You can find her work on Instagram @talbia.b

I write down words that are too rebellious to stay in my mind, mostly in the form of verses.
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