About Us

Welcome To The Digital Shakespeare And Co.

We know we are supposed to talk about us, but for a change, let’s talk about you.

You know when they say, “You have it in you”, you’re the one who has to discover your obscure genius. If you want to write and have been reluctant for too long then we invite you to use our website and enlighten others with your work. Ours is a platform, we call the Shakespeare and Co of the cyberspace. We aspire to unleash the exceptional writers of the future. And who knows, we might find the new F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Write What You Want To Write

We understand that no literary work can reach the utmost beauty unless the author has the liberty to choose the theme. Feel free to write about whatever inspires you to devise your eloquence in words. Even if you want to write something provocative and don’t want your name to be mentioned, we’ll share it anonymously. We have no topics, no niches, the choice is entirely yours.

Dead Poets Society

Do you think it’s high time we talk about poetry? Do you want to share? Carpe Diem! The Dead Poets Society awaits you. That little poem you wrote two years back in your diary deserves appreciation, admiration, and acknowledgment. Remember the time your rhymes helped you to skip the darkest hour, maybe they can do just the trick for someone else too. Share, because if Keats had kept his thoughts to himself, his words of beauty wouldn’t be bringing us joy today.

Exhibit Your Art

And how can we forget our love for the precious artwork? Though it wouldn’t be like the classic Louvre, but together we can make it extraordinary. Our website is the art gallery where the striving artists can showcase their artworks. We will not only display but also advertise.

Our Vision

Our website is open for everyone, particularly those who are proud of their identity just like the person who started this very blog. We want our members to reflect their thoughts in their work. We intend to create the atmosphere of the Shakespeare and Co, the charm of the Dead Poets Society and the Culture of the Louvre. Join us today in our journey and we assure you that along the road, you’ll enjoy every moment being part of this website.