Alias Grace

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood – Story of The Women Who Spent 30 Years in Prison

Alias Grace is the story of Grace Marks, one of the most famous women in Canadian history. Grace Marks spent 30 years in prison for a crime which many believe she didn’t commit. Although based on actual events, the book includes many fictional elements to make the story suitable for reading.

A show based on the book will stream globally on Netflix from 3rd November. You could Google Grace Marks’ story before watching the show or you can read this book. My vote is for the latter. Alias Grace is the first Margaret Atwood book I read and in simple words, I am blown away. There are many writers who make you feel like the story is happening in front of you. But what Margaret Atwood’s words do is remarkably unique, you feel part of the story but at the same time, you can keep an objective distance from the characters. You are an observer who has high stakes in the story.

I can only imagine how hard it must have been to tell a story like this by staying neutral but this book does it beautifully. Margaret Atwood has not sugar coated anything and she¬†certainly did not try to portray Grace as a saint. On the contrary, Grace’s story shows she was just as flawed as any of us.

I often try to read a book before watching the adaptation but with the speed books are being turned into movies and shows, it is quite hard to keep up. But this is one of those books you shouldn’t miss. A good book is one that leaves you satisfied no matter how disturbing the story is. The way this book connects all the characters and narrates them is quite a fulfilling experience.


I am too ordinary a reviewer to rate Margaret Atwood’s book. But this book is a 5/5 for sure.

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Although perfect for the fans of historical fiction and murder mystery, this book should be read by every book lover for Margaret Atwood’s beautiful prose.

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