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April-May ~ Endings, Monthly Themes

I’ve fallen in love with the end…

  "The world is not beautiful anymore. I have fallen in love with the closing and the ending. Because we, my love, are only together when it closes. We are only together when it all ends..." ______________________________________________________ So the other day, totally off topic btw, I was talking to my friend about how easy painting with watercolors would be with…read more
April-May ~ Endings, Endings, Monthly Themes, Must Read, Poetry, Themes

The boy who gave up

In the room full of balconies and memories. The child becomes aware of felonies and blasphemy. When disappointment kicks him down and he cries. When the truth itself stops telling the truth and lies. When the air around him gets colder and he denies. Inside he finds the warmth, he could breathe perhaps. The cold chilling emotionless breathing elapse. The…read more