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The Poem of A Dreamer

A touch, a feel, and a glimpse All I had were three words of love چاند نے حسرت سے جو سورج کو دیکھا ایک آہ سنی اُس نے جب شام بنی دلہن A journey, friends and a few good books All I wished ever for, granted from above ‎ ستاروں نے عرضی عدالت میں ڈالی کہ بادل نے چھینا ہے…read more
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The boy who gave up

In the room full of balconies and memories. The child becomes aware of felonies and blasphemy. When disappointment kicks him down and he cries. When the truth itself stops telling the truth and lies. When the air around him gets colder and he denies. Inside he finds the warmth, he could breathe perhaps. The cold chilling emotionless breathing elapse. The…read more