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Everything comes to a fresh start

Endings are achievements. Liberating. Illuminating. Empowering. Fulfillment from success, or even better, Enlightenment from learning. Clarity of understanding. A Hope for growth. An excitement for exploration. If not a stamp of approval, a motivation for pursuit. Moving on, progress. Beautiful fresh starts.   The featured image is taken by Shawal. To see more of her photography, visit her Instagram¬†@_shavvalread more

This Is Not a Poem

This is my heart, And all the pain, The memories, I couldn't tame. It's the hurt, And the loss, The date on the calendar, I couldn't cross. This is not a poem, Because words fail sometimes. This is a reminder, That grief has come to stay. This is a punch in the gut, The unshed tears, the unanswered wails, And…read more