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Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood – Story of The Women Who Spent 30 Years in Prison

Alias Grace
Alias Grace is the story of Grace Marks, one of the most famous women in Canadian history. Grace Marks spent 30 years in prison for a crime which many believe she didn't commit. Although based on actual events, the book includes many fictional elements to make the story suitable for reading. A show based on the book will stream globally…read more
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Book Review – Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1) by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

When their home planet gets attacked, Kady and Ezra must escape on the evacuating fleet. With dreadnought Lincoln on its chase, the fleet move toward the nearest jump station. But internal problems has arisen in the fleet and no one is telling the refugees what is happening. When Kady tries to find out the truth, it becomes clear she needs…read more