Benjamin Bennett

The Curious Case of Benjamin Bennett

If you know me, you know I am a fan of mysterious things. I can spend hours reading about stuff that makes me curious. I am also a conspiracy theories enthusiast. And although I know a lot of creepy stories, it’s always fun to learn about a mystery I haven’t heard about before. The other day as I was watching random creepy videos on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel, I learned about Benjamin Bennett.

Benjamin Bennett sits and smiles at his camera for four hours straight. He livestreams that video. And he has been doing this since 2014. I for one refuse to watch his videos. Why? Because it is the creepiest thing I can think of. And in my humble psychological opinion, it isn’t safe for both Mr. Bennett’s and his viewers’ mental well-being to make and watch these videos respectively. But that hasn’t stopped anyone. Benjamin Bennett’s YouTube channel has 137,474 subscribers and plenty of his videos have over 100K views.

But my question is, why is he making these videos? There are a few possible answers to this.

1. He’s Possessed:

Some people think that Benjamin Bennett is possessed by an evil force and they are forcing him to do this. This is my least favourite theory for obvious reasons.

2. He is Being Controlled:

According to one theory, Benjamin Bennet is being controlled by someone *cough* Illuminati *cough*. Now, why would they want him to make these videos? I have no idea. Maybe they will use this to control the mind of his viewers. Or they will start putting secret messages in his videos to affect people. This theory is far-fetched too but a conspiracy theorist like me can’t help but feel fascinated by it.

3. He is an Artist:

There are a few artists who started on YouTube and once they got fame, they entered the real world. Could it be that Benjamin Bennett wants to become an actor and he is hoping to get a break this way? General view about him is that he is a performance artist. In an interview with VICE, Mr. Bennett said that his videos could be placed into performance arts but it’s more important what the viewers consider it. He also said that there’s no purpose behind these videos. He just felt like it is something the internet is lacking.

4. Mental Illness:

Another possible explanation is that Mr. Bennett has a mental illness or he suffered a tragedy and he came up with this coping method. If this is the case, I hope he gets the help he needs.

The Internet is the best place to create a mystery as this internet generation does not interact in real life and it’s hard to find out the truth. No matter what the reason, we can all agree on the creepiness of these videos.

What is your favourite creepy story? Let me know in the comments.

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