Get Out – Movie Review

This post contains no spoilers. All the gifs are taken from Giphy.

Get Out is the story of Chris who is going to meet the parents of his girlfriend. He is reluctant to go because he’s black but after continued assurances from his girlfriend Rose that her parents are not racists, he decides to go with her.

Whenever I am about to watch a movie, I either don’t read the plot at all or read only a couple of lines and watch the movie. I don’t watch the trailer either unless I am in search of a happy movie. When I read that Get Out is the story of a boy going to meet his girlfriend’s parents, I thought it’s a comedy. That’s what a trip to your partner’s parents house should be like, awkward and funny, right? But as it turns out, Get Out is not a comedy movie.

I loved the movie. As much as a well-written script makes me happy, there’s nothing that can compare with the exhilarating feeling of watching an actor act skillfully on screen. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams’s acting won my heart. Credit should also go to the writer, director Jordan Peele. If this is what he can accomplish in his directorial debut, imagine the masterpieces he will create in the future.

Here are some of the things that made Get Out an amazing movie.

  • A Good Mystery: I don’t like mysteries that are predictable. Which is why I loved Get Out. If by the middle of the movie you think you have figured it out then you are in for a surprise.
  • Best Reaction Gifs: I am a sucker for reaction gifs. Reaction gifs have become a new language for us internet people. And this movie gave us some amazing reaction gifs. You have probably seen this one on social media a lot lately and wondered where this is from:

now you know.

  • Rod Williams and Conspiracy Theories: Rod Williams is your best friend goals redefined. He is the kind of friend we all need, who loves conspiracy theories, who will know when there is something wrong and who can get shit handled.

Final Verdict:

Get Out was a solid 8/10 movie for me and I would recommend it to all the mystery lovers. But if after reading this review you decide not to watch the movie, I won’t say anything, I’ll only make this face.

Still trying to figure out.
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