Hair Fall Remedies

Hello, my lovely ladies!

Are you a victim of heavy hair fall? And has it made you think getting a haircut like Imperator Furiosa might be your only solution? Worry no more, my child. I’m here to help you with my totkays and they are better than Zubaida Apa’s because 1. I have tried them myself. and 2. they actually work.

I had been a victim of hair fall for years and nothing ever really helped, some attempts reduced the hair fall to some extent but nothing brought a great change. Except the two solutions I will be discussing in this post. In’sha’Allah they will help you too.

1. A Concoction of Awesome Oils:

You know when you can’t decide what to cook so you mix all the vegetables and the result is a good dish? That is what happened when I mixed a few cool oils. I was reading the benefits of different oils on the internet and I thought what if I mixed them all and then used them. AND THEY WORKED.

Oils I used*:
1. Mustard Oil
2. Amla Oil
3. Reetha(Soapnut) Oil
4. Black cumin seed (kalonji) Oil
5. Ready for the secret ingredient? *drum roll* Taramira(jamba) Oil

You have to take small amounts of these oils and add them all in a bottle. Add lesser amounts of Mustard and Taramira oils than other oils. Make sure you only add original oils. Taramira is a secret ingredient because Amla and Reetha get all the fame when it comes to hair saving job and nobody knows the powers of Taramira. (Poor Taramira 🙁 ) Well, now you know. Apply this concoction on your hair and leave it on for 3 hours max. in your hair. Once you have been using it for a week, you can reduce the leave in time to 2 and then 1 hour.

You can add one more oil if you want. Add the oil that suits you a lot. Be it almond oil, olive oil, or even Neem oil. (I tried Neem oil, it was good.)

2. Aloe Vera, You Beauty:

Do you have Aloe Vera in your house? No? Do you wanna call the wrath of angry Aloe Vera on your house? No? Then get this plant in your house. You can get it from any local nursery. *waits for you to get the plant and come back* Did you get it? Good. Now let’s discuss the second totka.

What you are going to need?
1. Aloe Vera Gel
2. Original Coconut Oil*

What you have to do with them?
Mix them. What else? Apply the mixture in your roots and let it do its magic for an hour or two and then wash your hair and then, mujhey dua daina. Okay? Shabash!
You can mix these two ingredients in a blender since Aloe Vera gel is hard to mix with a fork. Keep using this until your hair are totally repaired.
* Getting original coconut oil is the key here. Remember that time the guy from your favourite shop told you, “baji ye coconut oil asli hai”? He lied. Find the shops that extract oils and get the oil extracted in front of you.

Some Extra Tips(Wo Bhi Free Main):

  • Be patient. These are natural products. They are going to take time. If your hair fall problem is 7 years old, give these guys at least 7 weeks before you start complaining.
  • Be consistent. Don’t use the oil once and forget about it for the rest of your life and blame me for telling you a fake totka.
  • No pain, no gain, right? So put in some effort to find original oils. Take out time from your schedule to care for your hair.
  • Choose a better shampoo. Try L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque. (Nopes, they didn’t pay me for this. Didn’t even give me a free mask.)
  • *The last advice is brought to you by your therapist* Try stressing a little less. What are you stressing about anyway? We are all going to die. So chill!


May Allah make whichever solution you decide to follow beneficial for you, Ameen.

Until next time. <3

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  1. auburnrhyme says:

    Thank you for this! It’s really helpful and very much needed for women…and men too! I suffer from hair loss and I’ve found that consistency in oiling hair prevents it (somewhat).

    I use coconut oilll.

    Free advice? Can’t go wrong 💕

  2. This “Taramera” is same with Pungent and spicy effect..????

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