Instagram Book Challenge

Instagram Book Challenge

I have never liked the monthly book challenges on Instagram. Reason? Well, I have many. It gets boring having to follow the rules of posting every day for a month. And to be honest, it feels like a burden. I know, I know, you can post the next day if you skip a post but that’s something I can’t do. If I skipped a post, I will probably give up on the whole thing. Which is why I came up with the idea of 7 posts challenge. And since I love books, TV shows, and movies, I intend to start challenges for all three. But first up is a book challenge.

Rules are simple. You have to post 7 posts according to the topics in a month, actually, you will have more than a month since I am announcing the topics today and you have until the end of September to post the images. All the best posts from Instagram will be featured on @theproudpakistaniiblog and on @proudpakistanii’s Instastory.

Once you guys start this, I will announce the movie and TV show challenges too. (I am excited!)


Topics for the first 7 posts book challenge are:

  1. Broke My Heart: A book that broke your heart.
  2. Made Me A Reader: A book you read as a child that instilled the love of reading in your heart.
  3. Mutual Love: A book that both you and your best friend/reading buddy love.
  4. Quotable: A book you quote the most.
  5. Punch and Hug: A fictional character from a book/book series you want to punch in the face and then hug.
  6. Erase My Memory: Name the one book you want to forget ever reading just so you can enjoy reading it again for the first time.
  7. At The Right Time: What’s the one book/book series that came into your life just when you needed it?

Happy Bookstagramming!

Let’s get started on this Instagram Book Challenge. Use the hashtag #pp7postbookchallenge in your posts.

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