Letter to the beloved.

Dear beloved, how much words we left unsaid. As the sun was setting down, the freshness in the air reminded me of you. Sometimes it astonishes me how totally irrelevant things can remind me of you.


Love doesn’t come up with time. It always lives somewhere deep inside our soul, it’s unconditional and it’s the start and end of everything. It just happens suddenly and you can’t deny it. I thought that I lost everything. But love always wins, doesn’t it? Sometimes you’ve to lose everything to win. I always loved you since the start, it always lived within me, even when I didn’t know the meaning of love. 


Whenever you choose love, you choose pain. I will always accept pain with open arms in the name of love, in the name of you. Dear, do not compare my love to the flowers, as they are going to die. Compare my love to the sky, as it is too high and never ending. Do not compare my love to the moon, as it will disappear. Compare my love to the ocean, as it is deeper. 


There are some days when I remember everything and there are few when I’m the poet, and all I remember is your name dancing on my lips. Just like this, you’re the only poem known to my heart. You’ll always be found at the start of the love and the end of the pain, you’ll always be lost in the deep pale eyes and in every poem and word of love. 

I belong to you 

The plant always belongs to its roots, and it never forgets it whether it lives or die. The falling yellow-red leaves belong to the Autumn. Just like this wherever I am or will be, I will belong to you as I’m yours.  


My love, even if we’ll forget about our love, the entire universe will remember us. Our names will be written in the stars and will shine forever. I hope someday the blossoming cherry trees will remind us of our love, like we never left us.


Credit for the featured image goes to the author herself. You can find more of her photography @mahveen_e_shams 

A heart of a writer who is lost in poetry and sunsets.
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