A letter to the ones who disappeared

This is a letter dedicated to all those who have suddenly disappeared or even stopped existing in a very non conventional way from all those who are bearing the unexpected absence.

Dear You,

How are you? How is it there?
Are questions I won’t ask.
But rather who are you, residing where?
Would suffice thee on my part
For this letter, I do write
But do I write to you?
Or am I just consoling I?
I know you know not too.
For I fill your absence with words,
letters…,– Is this a letter or a rhyme?
Perhaps an unmindfulness induced by your dearth
And not by this chai of mine.
I have chosen to blame you, anyways
For all that’s wrong or right
Not ~seen~ known you for 380 days;
Sure of you never coming back to fight.
Another Eid approaching fast
An Eid of ignorance and bliss
Will be spent celebrating the past
And writing oddities such as this.

With lots of whys and no goodbyes,
I seal this letter with some tears
Yours cunningly/lovingly (you decide)
Suspended innosinned Teh-reers.


Credit for the featured image goes to Kainat Ali Khan. To see more of her photography, visit her Instagram @dupattadiaries

A business student whose heart still beats for literature. A proud supporter of mental health awareness. These black words are the products of my gray thoughts.
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