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Marvel’s The Punisher – Spoiler Free Review

Ever since Marvel announced The Punisher I had been waiting for it. I had a feeling that this series will bring back the lost glory of the Netflix Marvel series. And The Punisher delivered. The Punisher has touched some really /important topics. To me, this was a brave move by Marvel. The biggest controversy around The Punisher is obviously the gun debate. Before the worldwide premiere, the Las Angeles shooting happened. But as someone correctly pointed out, there will never be a right time for shows like these because there will always be mass shootings happening (as long as America does not fix its gun problem).

The Punisher starts by showing Frank Castle living a quiet life and staying away from trouble. That is until someone named Micro forces Frank to form an unlikely partnership with him. Frank uncovers a conspiracy from his past which may have been the reason behind the brutal murder of his whole family. So now he has to go after these people because who else would, right?

Watching The Punisher, I realized one thing. This is not a show filled with useless violence. There is a well-written plot that supports and leads up to the violence. There is a discussion about gun control in the show and views of both sides are presented. Some people are angry that The Punisher did not suggest a solution to the gun problem but don’t you have Congress for that? Shows, movies, books, their aim is to make you think. The adjustment problems veterans face after coming home from war is portrayed in a hauntingly beautiful way. It is heartbreaking but it feels good because they did justice to the issue. The mistreatment of innocent Afghan civilians at the hands of American army is another issue the show tackles. But it didn’t feel like too much. The story’s pace was good. Not once I checked the time counter to see the remaining minutes of an episode.

The Punisher is up there with Daredevil. So the show might get a second season too. Jon Bernthal is brilliant as Frank Castle. Ben Barnes’ acting was a surprise. Not that I don’t think of him as a great actor, but his portrayal of Billy Russo was so accurate that at times you felt for this orphan boy. I loved Ebon Moss-Bachrach in the show and his relationship with Frank. Frank Castle is no superhero and he needs no sidekick and that was clear in the relationship between the two. Amber Rose Revah was heartbreakingly¬†good as Dinah Madani.

Good script, great acting, what else do you need?

Disclaimer: Not for the weak hearted.



Recommends for:

The fans of Daredevil and for the fans of dark shows and action lovers.

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