My favourite colour

It was the evening of Autumn. The warm wind was blowing and the leaves were gently kissing the Earth. It was the first time when I noticed him somewhere on the street. The street light was falling on his face. His face was shining like the full moon at dark night. 

Suddenly, I felt myself drowning, lost my soul and forgot to breathe for a while. He raised his head slowly and I saw his eyes. His eyes had a heartbreakingly beautiful colour when he saw me, the shade between the sunset and the sunrise. I never saw such beauty but in those eyes. 

People often ask me which is my favourite colour, but I never had it. The secret is that my favourite colour is that shade of his eyes, having rays of the sunshine, stolen moonlight and dance of the stars in the skies. That shade between the sunset and sunrise.  

A heart of a writer who is lost in poetry and sunsets.
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  1. Rabia Sheikh says:

    OH MY GOD! Your writing is so beautiful. MashALLAH <3

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