Dear Self

Not with love, with concern

Dear Self,

I hope you’re maintaining the pretense of doing fine. I know it’s been long since we talked to each other but I have come to peace with the fact that we just can’t avoid the rendezvous, it must occur. The last time you shut on me, I was so indifferent, I didn’t even realize the complexity, the significance of staying there, holding up. Perhaps I still haven’t grasped the idea fully but I am beginning to.

Let me be precise, It’s useless to think and overthink about the things that you can’t change and though I know you have all the arguments in support of your doing so, I would tell you to cease the practice that would leave you shattered and scattered because no one will be able to resurrect the decomposing elements of your soul, not even me.

The next thing, I want you to sustain your pride, the one that comes with your efforts, your success, your habit of being oversensitive and skeptical will eventually turn you into a loser, a failure if you can tolerate my bluntness. Remember! there won’t be joy like earlier when she was there to celebrate, to appreciate, to encourage but you have to embrace the latter form of joy, even if it hurts, it will help to retain the momentum, the one that lets you participate, lets you live.

I know it’s getting hefty even in the midway, you don’t want to hear more suggestions at this point, and you want to divert the subject. Ok fine, I’ll end it here by sharing a secret with you, the good deeds don’t always fetch rewards or acknowledgment but that shouldn’t stop you from being the person you are because what better gift there is than waking up in the morning knowing you can do more, better, since you haven’t given up.

One last advice, Just know that resentment is a pit, there’s no getting out of it so watch your steps.

Take Care (it’s necessary)

Yours sincerely



The featured image is taken from the Instagram of @ProudPakistanii

Excessive impulse disorder, extremely adorable, disorganized, I panic a lot, writing is my refuge.
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