The Novel X. and Hollywood’s Mistreatment of Women

Based on true events, X. follows the story of young actress Tamra who is celebrating the premiere week of her feature film debut. As she parties with her friends, she successfully hides from them her growing anxiety and the secret that has been eating her up from the inside. But her friend and self-proclaimed protector Lucas knows. And Lucas just might tell her secret to the world.

Shelby Mena sent the ebook to me for an honest review and I want to thank her for it. Although Tamra’s story is the main theme of the book, it also sheds light on many other aspects. The novel explains in detail that the shiny lifestyle of hollywood stars and Instagram couples is not always what it seems. That drugs are a common thing in that culture and you have to party to fit-in.

But the most important part of the book is Tamra and what happened in her past. When I got this book, the Harvey Weinstein scandal hadn’t come out. Now that it has, the book has a whole new meaning. We need to understand that stories like these matter. Because 1) they are not only stories, they are the reality of Hollywood 2) it’s about time we took back the power of the influential abusive men of Hollywood. And the best way to make that happen is to raise voice against their actions.

There were parts in the book that I didn’t enjoy or felt like I couldn’t connect with the writing. But books like these should be read for the story they are telling. I want to congratulate Shelby Mena for writing this story. You can get the ebook from Amazon.




I asked Shelby Mena if this will be a trilogy because as soon as I finished the book I wanted to know what happened next. She told me that there will be a book two for sure. Which I am looking forward to.

Still trying to figure out.
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