O you! Pause!

O you, trying to win every race! Pause!
O you, dreaming of building an empire! Pause!
O you, touching glory! Pause!

Pause and look around you.Pause
Do you see any 15-years old memories of playing with the little toes of your daughter?
Do you find any souvenir of your old grandmother’s stories?
Do you feel the garland of your arms around your mother?
Do you recognize the fragrance of the old books packed inside the trunk you inherited from your father?
Do you reminisce any fond cloud of your kids’ chattering on the dinner table?
Do you recollect any moments spent at an enchanting family trip?
Did you never save them up for this time of hospital stay?
Did you ever pause and lived those moments while you were putting all your efforts in business deals?
You are hurt today. You miss a hand in your hand. You miss a warm hug. You miss the reassurance in form of kind words. But your highly calculative thoughts blind the thoughts of what you need and highlight your regrets of losing the currency to exchange bank balance. Amidst all this, you still regret over-speeding and crashing your car into the truck on a turn? Even now, you regret losing a million buck’s deal?
Pause! Right there.
Your bank holds an enormous amount. Congratulations! It’s greater than what your father could make. That was your dream, no? Well, you have achieved it.
Sigh. Your father passed away last year with eyes waiting for you.
Your kids have learnt to build walls of ignorance around their personalities.
The old books have learnt to stay quiet, hiding their words inside their pages, lying silent in the old trunk.
Alzheimer’s has eaten up your mother’s memories.

What have you earned? Pause and think about it.

I'm just a girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.
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  1. Ambreen says:

    True mimi. We have forgotten.

  2. Aamir says:


  3. Sumaira says:

    Good effort in awakening the dying spirit of humanity and a quick need to rebond and follow corrrect priorities in life!
    Keep it up! 👍

  4. Waqar Bukhari says:

    Great words ! Excellent ! Keep it up

  5. sajida says:

    Mashallah.she has truly highlighted what is going should learn a lesson n try to become first drop to denounce it.keep it up

  6. Mazhar Rana says:

    Very right, we are spending our treasure in ignorance of self righteousness and disgracing the present at the cost of future, which always unknown.

  7. Nazneen Arshad says:

    Deeply analysed and very well written. Well done.👌

  8. Hamail Khanum says:

    Ao na jee!

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