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Pixie Dust Candles Subscription Box Review

In the past, every time I came across a post of some bookstagrammer from US or UK featuring fandom-themed candles, I would feel sad. That was until Pixie Dust Candles and the other candle companies came along. Pixie Dust Candles is the only one I have ordered from so far. Because, as much as I love candles, I have no place left in my room to accommodate more stuff. Pixie Dust announced their subscription box with the theme Superheroes vs Supervillains and I placed my order as fast as I could.

After which began a long wait as they encountered some problems and kept postponing the shipping date. But that day arrived when the order finally reached me. They had said the box will contain 6 wax melts in a clamshell, 1 8oz candle, 2 2oz candles, and 2-3 theme inspired goodies. Although the box did have the candles as promised, it had only 3 wax melts and they were not in a clamshell. The box had only one theme inspired goodie (a magnetic bookmark).


Pixie Dust Candles

But they did send a complimentary body scrub (which I haven’t tried yet so I can’t say if it’s good or not).

Considering it was their (or any theme-inspired candle shop’s) first attempt at this, I am willing to ignore the late delivery and lesser items.



Favourite Candle:

Nebula has to have the best fragrance but I also liked the light scent of Winter Soldier.

Will I Order Again?

Not for myself as I would like to try other candle brands now. But I will definitely order from Pixie Dust if I wanted to gift someone a scented candle.

Pixie Dust Candles


Have you ordered wax candles from any local brand? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments which candle brand would you recommend to others.

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