The Pain We Share.

Some times you want to cry but you feel unable to do so. You continue living by hiding all the pain inside your heart, you wish something comes up and make you face your pain again. Today I got a message from a Kashmiri friend, who joined Usman bhai’s page on facebook recently. I will write the whole message here, the words in the message described the fact that we share this pain and this made me cry. Here is the message, unedited;
”I dont know you. But I wish I had. I dont know why they didnt stand up for you. But I wish they would. I dont know what makes me want to know more about you, brother. But I know that those who knew you were lucky to n truly blessed.
I can imagine how it ‘d be for your family , friends n even acquaintances. I know what it means to lose someone to this bloodshed. I have seen them – martyrs – with a smile on their face, like ‘finally in peace’. I have seen them all my life in Indian occupied Kashmir. I know how it feels to look around for someone n realise the person isnt there, n then look around again n feel like he’s very much presentt. I know how absence makes happiness lose all its colour, I know how all colours of life fade..I know how one dies every moment, n I know how one still keeps holding on to tiny strands of hope that justice wont b denied..I know how missing becomes a pain n yet strangely, death becomes a matter of pride too.. ‘Shaheed ki jo maut hai, wo qaum kii hayaat hai’..

I read so much about you, from people who knew you n from those who didnt.And I felt this strange bond develop, this bond that makes me feel the pain n pride ur family does, this bond that makes me feel nothing more than wanting to have known u, this bond that’s making my tears fall..
All I can do for you is pray..a sincere prayer.. May Allah accept ur Shahadah n fulfil the task u gave ur life for, May ur family never feel alone , May ur nation be what it was dreamt to be- the perfect example for all Muslims across the globe!

A stranger, a well-wisher writing to u from the ‘oppressed paradise- KASHMIR’

Still trying to figure out.
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  1. FarRyte says:

    that was so heartbreaking yet sweet & ameen to his dua. May Allah accept your brother’s shahdat & end this bloodshed thats plagued Pakistan. May Allah give us victory over falsehood & May Allah free Kashmir. Ameen.

  2. Rana Usman says:

    I love the feelings of that person.

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaah.
    How are you, Sister?
    This is the long message I mentioned to you on Twitter.

    Usman bhai..
    I have never seen you, never talked to you, never met you in person. And yet I know you. I know you and love you and feel for you. It might be difficult for you to beleive me, but I daresay I can feel what you felt. I can understand you and your feelings, I understand and know what it was that made you lay down your life as a young man. Allow me to say that I am in your shoes, even if I am not you.

    No, I have never been there physically. They say that I have not been in your place, nor in your family’s; but I know what it is like to be you or love you. You are one of the lights that brighten our history. Your blood, which has written our history, is much more precious than silver or gold. It is what makes our history worth being read again and again.

    I know you though you don’t even know me. You don’t know that there are many out there that love you and miss you; there are many eyes that flood with tears when they remember you or think of you; there are many lips that pray for you and your family; there are many hearts that feel for your family and join in their pain. You or your family might never have heard of me, but I love you and you are always a part of every prayer that I make to my Lord.

    May Allaah bless this bond between us, strongest of all bonds. Aameen!

  4. ignorantways says:

    I know what it means to lose someone to this bloodshed.

    dua k ilawa kuch nahi mere pas . . . main hoon to muslman mgr raakh k dher se zeyada nahi . .

  5. Sheraz Ahmad says:

    ALLAAH unki Shahadat Qabool Farmaye aur unke Darjaat Buland Kare.. AAMEEEN

    Mere Mehboob Watan tujh pe agar jaan ho Nisaar
    Main ye samjhonga Thikane laga sarmaya e Tann.

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