Time waits for no one

Sometimes I get the feeling of dying, it’s a strong gripping emotion that makes me restless. Mostly I get this feeling before going to sleep or when I have (can’t disclose my disease but it makes me paranoid) like what if I never wake up again. I have a lot of unfinished business yet. Then I close my eyes while looking up and pray for one more chance.The truth is I am naive because I keep Allah’s orders at bay till the last minute and make my own goals a priority. I am one of the fools who think they will have a lot of time by the end of their life to sort out their religious responsibilities. Alas! Time waits for no one. The individual human lifecycle is in a constant state of ending. Even though nothing really ends but it does from changing perspectives.

A Story About Ending

I want to share a story of my friend who recently ‘ended’ his bachelor life. (May Allah bless the happy couple with success, Ameen)
Our paths crossed first at the medical screenings for PAF. On the first impression, he looked quite our senior and he confirmed it by acknowledging one of our jokes that he was a fresh mechatronics graduate from NUST. I advised him not to join the Air Force, wondering why would a sane engineer throw away his degree like that.
The second time I saw him was at a drill punishment assembly, hammered to the ground and holding his leg, a muscle strain I think. He was one of the standout ‘pieces’ of our course and was always under the microscope. Our seniors gave him the best of times to remember for choosing so wisely. I know the world is cruel if you follow your dreams. Yet he continued.
We enjoyed our first flying experience with the same instructor. Laughed, cried and sweated under opposite wings of the same Aircraft.
A road accident shattered his dreams of becoming a fighter Jhonny. He suffered minor injuries and a whiplash in the neck. He is completely fit now. But flying business is very delicate and cruel. Hence, the doctors advised him not to fly again and do a ground job.
As of now he is happily married and serving alongside us as an engineer in PAF (using his good old mechatronics degree & skills).


The idea behind sharing this story is simple. A singular aim and goal in life that drives us can END but it’s also necessary for moving forward. It’s Allah’s way of telling us that for climbing two different mountains, we must get down from the first.


The credit of the featured image goes to Muhammad Usman. You can find more of Usman’s photography on his Instagram @totallytrashed

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